An Extensive Teachers Empowerment Program

By iVolunteer

We believe that each and every child is born with all the powers in the world, and we support nurturing these qualities through teachers.

iVolunteer brings one day workshop on Teachers Empowerement Program to empower the Teachers of schools run by non profit organisations to nurture each and every child to excel not only in academics but nurturing their life skills too as part of Global ProBono Week 2019 in association with Beyond The Obvious

1. Role of a teacher: Nurturing the ‘No-Limitness’ of our children The session explores the purpose of education, which is to nurture the unlimited potential of the students and empowers the teachers to achieve this purpose. With the help of a journey, the workshop helps the teachers to discover the unlimited potential of each student and means to nurture their self esteem.

2. Building connect with each and every child In this session the teachers get to learn and practice the tools to create and environment of authentic communication with the children. It builds a space of free communication between the students and the teachers devoid of fear thus encouraging understanding and expression.

3. Creating Engaging Classrooms: An actively engaging classroom is a space where students look forward to study, rather than being cajoled for studying. This session has been specially designed for teachers to learn focusing on each and every child in the classroom and understanding his/ her natural process of learning acquisitions.

Who can join in? Teachers of Non Profit Organisation Schools

At the end of the program, the following would be delivered.

1. Improved performance

2. Engaging lively class rooms

3. Teachers being able to manage matters of discipline , studies & distractions without the use of fear and authority

4. Teachers connecting to each and every child and relating to them as capable (no- limit)

5. Teaching methodology which includes Life Skills and Value education through existing subjects

To know more, please write us at Kolkata@iVolunteer.in / call Tanveer Khan at 9903397394

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October 23, 2019
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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