AOMORI Pro Bono Challenge 2019

By Service Grant Japan

Aomori Pro Bono Challenge is 2-month program to support 5 local non-profit organizations in Aomori prefecture, northern part of Japan.

With the substantial decrease of population observed in this region, this project is aiming to promote mutual collaboration of the citizen and NPOs/community groups to solve the social problems or to revitalize the local communities.

It had the orientation meeting on August 30th/31st with 24 pro bono workers.  All of them are the local citizens of Aomori who participated in pro bono projects.

On October 26th, pro bono teams will hold the final meeting with NPOs/community groups.

Service Grant Japan website: https://www.servicegrant.or.jp/ (Japanese)
Service Grant Japan facebook: https://www.facebook.com/servicegrant/  (Japanese)

(Aomori Probono Challenge 2019 orientation held on Aug. 31st)


Aomori Prefecture

October 26, 2019
日本、青森県八戸市根城8丁目8−39 総合福祉会館

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