Becoming a 21st Century Trustee

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Sir Stephen Bubb, director of Charity Futures (former chief executive of ACEVO), is joining leaders of the Trustee Academy to discuss the sector’s 21st century challenges and what they mean for both current and future trustees, as well as their organisations.

Both the Trustee Academy and Charity Futures promote better charity governance and leadership because we understand that for the 21st century Trustee, understanding your financial and legal responsibilities is no longer enough. To be an effective trustee and to leave a positive legacy, understanding your part in creating a high performing team is vital. This encompasses leadership development; governance; finance; charity law; strategy and organisational change.

Regarding the changing landscape for charity leaders, earlier this year the Rt Hon. Baroness Prashar said:

“Regulatory burdens and demands being placed on trustees are increasing. It is, therefore, becoming important that these trustees are given relevant support, this [Trustee Academy] Advanced Trustee Programme does just that.”

Email us to join us for breakfast on Tuesday November 8th, where you can share your views and ask us what we are doing to support current and future charity leaders. With so much negativity around, this will be a constructive conversation and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

November 8th 8.30am – 10.30am

Tinashe Sithole
November 08, 2016
New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6BJ, United Kingdom

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