Communication strategy for NGOs

By Pro Bono Club Ukraine

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For the second year, Ukraine joins a global movement of pro bono during Pro Bono Week. The main focus for us, as Pro Bono Club Ukraine is to engage as many companies as we can and make their commitment viral among the public sector. To do this, we are organizing a lot of events where businesses can share their expertise with non-profits.

Oleksandr Argat, Plusone communications agency strategist will share his 13-year experience in the field of media with non-profits and social enterprises.

The lecture will cover such topics, as

  • The concept of strategy. How is it different from just an action plan?
  • Target audiences. How do we know who to speak to?
  • Key messages. What and how to communicate?
  • Communication channels. Do you need to be present everywhere?
  • Performance metrics. How to understand that we are not working in vain?

Details and registration: https://probono.org.ua/plusonepbw

October 22, 2019
Сади, Київ, Україна, 02000

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