Marathon 1

By Haron

BY Haron  Intermediary

Pro Bono Marathon is one of the most important developments in the nonprofit sector so far in Saudi Arabia. It will pair teams of leading in Haron Initiative and National Commercial Bank (Alahli) with social enterprises.

Within 48 hours Haron for Professional Volunteering and National Commercial Bank in teams of 20 professionals will work with 7 projects for social enterprises and donate their time and expertise in frames of dynamic, participatory Pro Bono Marathon.  The teams will work along previously agreed objectives of how to writing contract, working in HR, writing action plan and Marketing and Finding donor for the participating social enterprise.

In the same day, teams will present their outputs; other employees of the participating agencies from Alahli Bank as well as members of Haron.

The aim of the event is to popularize the concept of Pro Bono, encourage corporates to take up Pro Bono, and help social enterprises to develop them self.

The Marathon is organized by Haron for Professional Volunteering cooperation with National Commercial Bank.




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October 22, 2017
Djeddah, La Mecque, Arabie saoudite

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