Pro Bono Experience

By Phomenta

Phomenta will host the 1st Pro Bono Week in Brazil, with the event Pro Bono Experience, in which 10 corporations will have the opportunity to place their teams to help 10 nonprofits on development of their organizations in HR, marketing, funding, legal and IT.

The Pro Bono Experience is part of Phomenta LABS, a program created by Phomenta to help nonprofits to develop business plans and prototype solutions to reach their sustainable growth. The 10 corporations will act with their teams on mentoring sessions and marathons to create business strategies and presentations to help the organizations improve their management and processes.

The main goal of this experience is to give to corporations the opportunity to experience Pro Bono in first hand, showing the potential that can be unleashed with corporate pro bono programs on developing collaborators soft competences and amplifying their impact on nonprofits and communities.


BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Izadora Mattiello
October 24, 2016
Campinas - SP, Brasil

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