Pro bono marathon

By ToDoGood

What is a Pro bono marathon from todogood?

This is a joint team brainstorm of solutions and new ideas for the development of social projects:
• Four cool non-profit organizations (NGOs) will come and share current issues and challenges
• According to their requests, all participants (volunteers) will be divided into teams based on their skills and experiences
• Within 2 hours each team will develop an optimal solution to the real social case working with representatives of NGOs. In addition, professional facilitators from todogood will help each team to make their work more effective
• At the end of the marathon, the expert jury together with NGOs representatives will select the best solutions proposed.



Here are the cases that will be solved by volunteers:

1. To develop the concept and strategy for the online educational portal of the Tretyakov gallery
2. To create new formats of activities for volunteers of charity Foundation “Starikam.org»
3. To develop new formats of cultural events for the museum https://ma-housemuseum.ru/
4. To formulate the mission and clear message to the audience for the charity project «Give Food!»



What participants will receive?

• Familiarize themselves with pro bono concept and try the intellectual volunteering with todogood
• Apply their professional experience and knowledge to solving real social problems
• Improve such personal skills as teamwork, critical thinking, and presentation skills
• Get instant feedback on their work from business and social sector representatives
• Network with like-minded people and get useful professional and personal connections


The link for the event

Anastasia Masherova
October 27, 2018
Moscow, Россия

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