PROBONO FOR TALENT VITALIZATION - 2021 Global ProBono Week 10-Year Celebration

By Beijing Pro Bono Foundation

郴州市林邑志愿者协会2 大连青少年发展基金会 河南许昌草之根社工中心1 黄骅市红色朝阳志愿者协会1 临沭县红星公益协会 青岛爱心天使义工服务中心 青岛爱心天使义工服务中心2 陕西红凤1 (1) 陕西红凤1 (2) 沈阳市绿萝社会工作服务中心1 沈阳市绿萝社会工作服务中心2 沈阳市阳光志愿者协会 天津市滨海新区合协社会工作服务中心2 桐梓县春晖行动志愿者协会1 桐梓县春晖行动志愿者协会2 桐梓县春晖行动志愿者协会3 桐梓县春晖行动志愿者协会4 枣庄市市中区聚力青年公益发展中心1 枣庄市市中区聚力青年公益发展中心2 张岩一家亲爱心工作室1 张岩一家亲爱心工作室2

PBW十周年主题视频-莘古咨询天津市滨海新区合协社会工作服务中心1 郴州市林邑志愿者协会1 河南许昌草之根社工中心2 黄骅市红色朝阳志愿者协会2 临沭县红星公益协会1 天津市滨海新区合协社会工作服务中心1

Pro Bono Week (PBW) was first launched by the Global Alliance for Professional Volunteerism in 2012 and is identified as the third week of October each year, when national members organize a global ProBono celebration to advocate for public, business and social co-creation of value for the common good.
In 2021, which is the 10th year of PBW, Beijing ProBono Foundation, together with Beijing Huizeren Volunteer Development Center and many partners, held an event with the theme of “ProBono for Talent Vitalization” on October 24 in Beijing. By reviewing PBW’s ten-year journey and global ProBono view, we learned about the new trend of professional volunteering at home and abroad; releasing iWill volunteer joint action and rural revitalization volunteer action initiative to mobilize more social organizations and volunteer groups to join iWill and explore excellent volunteer service projects, so as to better respond to the great changes in the VUCA era, respond to the requirements of volunteers to keep up with the changing, rapid, ambiguous and diverse society, and let more public welfare volunteer services be carried out in a project-oriented way, and play the role of professional volunteering. The iWill is a project-based service that brings into play the power of professional volunteering to solve social problems.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of PBW, Beijing ProBono Foundation and Beijing Huizeren Volunteer Development Center received positive responses from 56 voluntary organizations nationwide, and compiled excellent examples of activities carried out by 15 voluntary organizations in this booklet, covering 9 provincial administrative regions, including epidemic prevention, anti-drug, environmental protection, schooling, child care, disability support, cultural education and other multi-level activities. The compilation covers nine provincial administrative regions, covering multi-level activities such as epidemic prevention, anti-drug, environmental protection, schooling, children’s care, disability support, cultural education and other types of activities.

1.Beijing ProBono Foundation,Beijing Huizeren Volunteer Development Center
“ProBono for Talent Vitalization – 2021 PBW 10-Year Celebration” Beijing Main Event
On October 24, 2021, Beijing ProBono Foundation and Beijing Huizeren Volunteer Development Center, together with Youcheng Entrepreneurs Poverty Alleviation Foundation, Beijing Federation of Social Psychological Work, Beijing Yingfei Education Technology Co. The Beijing main event of the “ProBono for Talent Vitalization – 2021 PBW 10-year Celebration” was organized by the Cultural Center. The event officially launched the i Will Volunteer Initiative and the Rural Revitalization Volunteer Initiative and Case Study Call, and launched two topics on “How to make professional volunteering talents flow and integrate” and “How to develop professional volunteering projects in the community”. The event was held on the topics of “How to make professional volunteering talents flow and integrate” and “How to develop professional volunteering projects in the community”.
Although this event was affected by the epidemic prevention and control, the speakers and forum conversationalists invited on the day of the event were still full of enthusiasm and professional attitude, bringing together 30 offline guests and more than 10,000 online viewing partners to bring all participating partners new developments, new ideas and new perspectives in the field of global professional volunteering and sparking collision in talent revitalization in the form of live broadcast. The 2021 PBW Public Service Communication Officer’s microblogs were followed by more than 12,000 people and received 2013 comments and 2051 retweets.

2.Shaanxi Province Red Phoenix Project Volunteer Association
An event on “Caring for Children Against Domestic Violence” is held at Little Egret Children’s Service Station in Huangfu Village, Chang’an District, Shaanxi Province
At present, there are different degrees of domestic violence in China’s urban and rural areas, and most of them are due to the legal consequences of tort liability or crime without preliminary intervention, which brings irreversible and serious effects to family members, especially the growth of teenagers. During the lecture, Xu Zheng explained in detail how the Anti-Domestic Violence Law provides for a special chapter on “Personal Safety Protection Order” and how members who suffer from domestic violence can apply for assistance.

Through the study and discussion, the children realized that they should be brave enough to take up legal weapons to protect themselves, safeguard their personal rights and protect their legitimate rights and interests when they are victimized by domestic violence.
Through this professional legal and social work volunteer service, the Little Egret Children’s Service Station in Huangfu Village was provided with more social resources, including the Xi’an Legal Aid Center, Shaanxi Province Women Legal Workers Association, the Red Phoenix Association’s college volunteer team and the resources of various colleges of Xi’an Peihua College, which will better serve the social development of the local community and help the cause of rural revitalization!

3.Zaozhuang City Central District Gathering Youth Charity Development Center
Country Kids Charity Walk to Taierzhuang Ancient City
In order to further promote the implementation of the care and protection work of rural left-behind children, guide children to release their true feelings in companionship, and help them gain the strength to grow. 23 October, Zaozhuang Youth Palace, the Communist Youth League Shizhong District Committee, in conjunction with the District Youth Volunteer Association and the District Ju Li Youth Charity Development Center, organized the Shizhong District towns and streets left-behind children to the ancient city of Taierzhuang, to carry out the “Belle Spring – Hand in Hand Care” – rural children’s companionship charity walk. Belle Spring – Hand in Hand Care” – a public welfare activity for rural children.
The children first came to the Taierzhuang Memorial Hall, in the museum, the children carefully watched a historical picture and text introduction, listened to the history of the Taierzhuang War and the heroic deeds of many famous warriors, quietly listened to the explanation in front of each picture, carefully watched the video materials, photos of people and historical relics, seemed to enter the amazing, smoke-filled historical scroll.

The summer heat was fading, the autumnal scenery of the ancient city was just right, and the children and the volunteer teachers drew closer to each other in a laughter. Accompanied by their teachers and peers, each child showed a bright and clear smile and wandered carefully through the ancient and elegant streets of the north and south thoroughfares, entering a cultural museum and enjoying the charm of traditional Chinese culture.
This year’s Volunteer Week was launched by the Beijing ProBono Foundation in cooperation with Beijing Huizeren Volunteer Development Center and Ali’s “3 Hours for Everyone” public welfare platform. A number of public welfare organizations and partners from all walks of life participated in the event, advocating the value of “ProBono for Talent Vitalization” and carrying out a series of thematic activities on volunteerism through online communication and offline organization, jointly promoting professional volunteering and spreading the spirit of volunteerism, affecting millions of people.

4.Qingdao Angel of Love Volunteer Service Center
Love and companionship
Every child is an angel, pure and kind. We are grateful to meet them, it is our destiny, we will do our best to bring happiness, light and positive energy to the children, and hope that their lives will be smooth and full of happiness and hope in the future! Volunteers from Qingdao Angel of Love Volunteer Service Center visit the left-behind children.

5.Linshu County Red Star Charity Association
Guardian of Children. Sunshine for Schools and 2021 PBW 10-year Celebration
The “Children’s Heart Guardianship – Sunshine Helping Schools” program is initiated by the Linshu Red Star Public Welfare Association. It focuses on children in distress in the county, and provides financial and material support to families in distress to help them regain confidence and get out of their predicament as soon as possible through household visits, establishment of growth files, one-on-one pairing support and regular visits. It is a public welfare activity to help the children to recover their confidence and realize their dreams. Through this activity, we hope that children in difficulty can spend the most precious time of their youth, learn to know, learn to do and learn to behave, and realize their dreams of growth with the help of volunteer services. This will achieve the purpose of our “Sunshine Help” activity.
This year’s PBW was launched by the Beijing Boneng Volunteer Foundation in collaboration with Beijing Huizeren Volunteer Development Center and Ali’s “3 Hours for Everyone” charity platform. The Red Star Public Welfare Association of Linshu County, Shandong Province, many public welfare organizations and partners from all walks of life participated in the event, using the value of “ProBono for Talent Vitalization” as the advocate. The number of people reached one million.

6.Tianjin Binhai New Area Hefei Social Work Service Center
“Help Children Plan” Children’s Mental Health Education Service Project
This activity was aimed at the prevention of sexual abuse and the main course was entitled “My Body, My Choice”. The main participants were three social work instructors and three volunteers from Tianjin University of Science and Technology, as well as about 150 students and teachers from Shanghai Road Primary School who participated in the activity.

As a partner of the 2021 PBW, Tianjin Binhai New Area Hefei Social Work Service Center responded to the call of the event and launched the “Help Children Plan”, a children’s mental health education service project.
Hopewell is not only committed to child safety education but also focuses on volunteer cultivation, and hopes to share more experiences with you through this opportunity.

7.Henan Xuchang Grassroot Social Work Center
“Children’s Journey to the Three Kingdoms” Parent-Child Study Tour Project
Getting to know the world starts with learning about home. During the week, the parents and young students who participated in the study tour looked up relevant information and made sufficient pre-preparation. Through today’s field trip experience, the students learned more about the people, history and allusions related to Ba Ling Qiao and the profound history of the Three Kingdoms in their hometown of Xuchang.
At the end of the tour, parents and students expressed that they had a deeper understanding of the Three Kingdoms culture through the tour. A total of 28 people from 12 groups of families participated in this activity today. The leading teacher of the tour, Liu Shizheng, and the volunteers were Peng Junzhi, Wang Beibei, Zhao Chaoan, Chen Pin, Zhou Xingchen and Li Guizhen.

Xuchang Grassroots Social Work Center, as a partner of 2021 PBW (China), this event is a public service event of Professional Volunteering Week.

8.Tongzhi County Spring Fever Action Volunteer Association
“Gathering our strength to fight the epidemic, volunteerism and courage” volunteer service protection work
In the face of the epidemic, great love is manifested. In the past few days, Tongzi County Spring Action Volunteers Association has received Loushanguan Street Long March community, Chumee town of the epidemic prevention and control of volunteer needs, requesting support to carry out the epidemic prevention and control of card point duty, epidemic investigation, prevention and control of publicity and other work, the team received a single positive response, immediately within the team for volunteer recruitment, calling on volunteers to join the epidemic prevention and control, has been organized in batches from October 23 volunteers to participate in The team has organized volunteers to participate in community and highway exit points to help participate in community control services, professional medical care, public services, order maintenance, and other volunteer services, playing a moving symphony of volunteer services.

Volunteers have expressed that as long as the epidemic does not recede, volunteers will stick to their service posts. Under the strong leadership of the Party and the government, with the support and cooperation of the general public, let’s work together with unity of effort and determination to overcome the epidemic.

Tongzhi County Spring Action Volunteer Association Regularly Carries Out Civilization Persuasion Volunteer Service in County Urban Areas
In order to further enhance the overall image of the civilized city and the civilization of the public, to create a civilized and safe travel environment, according to the county unified arrangements for deployment, since September, Tongzhi County Spring Action Volunteer Association every Saturday and Sunday will regularly organize several volunteers to the intersection of the century square at the traffic lights on Riverside North Road in the county city, to carry out “volunteer full Loushan, civilization in Tongzhi “civilized traffic safety travel civilized persuasion volunteer service activities.

Volunteers adhere to the civilization persuasion volunteer service post, although a little tired, but we all feel very worthwhile, very meaningful, so that their hearts more aware of the weight of compliance with traffic rules, as volunteers, first from ourselves, take the lead in complying with traffic safety regulations, in order to fully enhance the overall image of the city, to create the most beautiful north gate of Guizhou.

9.Shenyang Sunshine Volunteer Association
“Love Without Hindrance” Public Service Sign Language Promotion Campaign
We hope to use our professional appeal to bring convenience to more hearing-impaired people and to feel the harmony and love of the society.

10.Changji City Zhang Yan Family Love Studio
“Volunteering to help rural revitalization is my first” public welfare day activities
Responding positively to the “Volunteering for Rural Revitalization” National Public Welfare Day organized by the Publicity Department of the Changji Municipal Committee.
Our motherland is a lofty mountain, a broad spine overlooking the rain fall of history, let us praise our great motherland, let us sing praises of our motherland, the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation have a long history, the idea of morality is brilliant and glorious, morality is the treasure of China, is the light of civilization. For thousands of years, he has been the spiritual pillar that inspires the children of China to forge ahead. We use the people around us to tell the things around us, the people around us to say their own things, the things around us to teach the people around us, to continuously improve moral quality, and build a moral atmosphere in society that respects morality and goodness.

11.Chenzhou Linyi Volunteer Association
“Guardian of Mother River” Professional Volunteer Week Public Service Activities
In response to the extremely positive, from the understanding of the hometown . Start with the theme of guarding the Mother River, to guard the green mountains and green water, is the silver mountain, environmental protection, everyone is responsible. Participate in the global “Guardian of Mother River” PBW public service activities!

We, Chenzhou Linyi Volunteers. Begin the prologue of professional service activities.

12.Huanghua Red Sunrise Volunteer Association
“Winter Sun” series
The Red Sunrise Volunteer Association of Huanghua City donated children’s skin care products worth nearly 30,000 yuan (Pepto-Bismol and Aveeno brands) to six municipal public kindergartens in the city. The “Helping love and holding hands for a healthy future” winter warmth child care action is one of the series of activities of the Red Sunrise brand service “winter warmth”. Since 2018, the Red Sunrise Volunteer Association of Huanghua City has performed well in the public welfare three-hour platform and recently received a reward of children’s skin care products from the platform. The donation of skin care products has achieved full coverage of public kindergartens in the city, contributing the power of Red Sunrise to the healthy growth of Huanghua children and youth.

13.Beijing Singularity Charity
Sub-forum Internet for Rural Revitalization Activities
With the PBW event, Singularity Public Welfare, together with Public Welfare La and Open Source Society, invited individuals and organizations with actions and thoughts in the field of Internet public welfare to share and exchange with you from the application and innovation of Internet public welfare. We hope that through the interpretation of wonderful cases, innovative technology application and other content sharing and discussion, we can promote more IT professional volunteers to participate in rural revitalization, digital transformation of public welfare organizations, promote the sustainable development of public welfare organizations, and bring more wonderful stories for the development of Chinese public welfare.

14.Shenyang Green Social Work Service Center
Daitung Anti-Drug Social Worker Volunteering to Empower Public Service
As a partner of PBW 2021 (China), Shenyang Green Social Work Service Center responded positively in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and carried out the “Dadong Anti-drug Social Work Volunteer Empowerment Public Welfare Activity”. This public service activity added a touch of color to the PBW 2021.
On the morning of October 21, Shenyang Green Social Work Service Center gathered nearly 100 anti-drug volunteers in the conference room of Dongtai Education. We invited Professor Xu Kai, a professional counseling volunteer and Deputy Secretary General of the Sandplay Branch of the Liaoning Association of Counselors, to conduct a training on “Sandplay Technique” for all the anti-drug volunteers to empower their volunteer service, find problems and tap into energy points.

Volunteering is the symbol of urban civilization, and volunteers are the transmitters of civilization. May we join hands to make professional volunteering icing on the cake.

15.Tuyu Banner Volunteer Federation, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia
“Love Without Hindrance” charity event
On October 20, 2021, when the 2021 PBW was launched, the Inner Mongolia Baotou Tumut Right Banner Volunteer Federation organized a new era of civilization practice “Love without Hindrance” public welfare activity into the Tumut Right Banner Special Education School, where volunteers from the hairdressing design program gave haircuts to more than 30 special children. The volunteers from the hairdressing design profession carried out voluntary haircutting for more than 30 special children here.
The barbers arrived early at the school with their haircutting tools and full of love, waiting for the students in the empty classrooms prepared in advance. During the haircutting process, the special school teachers patiently calmed the students and guided them to overcome their psychological pressure to cooperate with the haircut. The barbers carefully and patiently completed the charity haircut. After the haircut, the volunteers also gave the children school supplies such as workbooks, picture books and coloring pens.
Volunteer Dash Fei said: We came to cut the children’s hair and send them school supplies. Today we feel very deeply, we feel that this is our responsibility and our obligation, we hope to participate more in this kind of activities in the future, and we hope that people from all walks of life can contribute their love.
He Lei, president of the Tumert Right Volunteer Federation and secretary of the party branch: the purpose of this activity is to vigorously promote the core values of socialism, transfer positive social energy, let special children feel the care and love from the social family, enhance their sense of self-identity, guide more loving people to take practical action to promote the “dedication, love, mutual assistance, progress More caring people are guided to take practical action to promote the spirit of “dedication, love, mutual help and progress” and actively participate in public welfare undertakings.

16.Dalian Youth Charity Development Promotion Association
Volunteers “look good” – 2021PBW Dalian Youth Philanthropy Development Association in action
In response to the call, Dalian Youth Philanthropy Development Association (DYDPA) agrees with the concept of professional volunteerism, which is “work is accomplished by talent, career is expanded by talent”, and on October 24 launched an initiative to invite volunteers to “make themselves known”: we hope to mobilize professional volunteers around us to “make themselves known” in their circle of friends. We hope to mobilize professional volunteers around us to “make themselves known” in their circle of friends, so that people who need help can find professional volunteers!
By 24:00 on October 24, all the staff of Dalian Youth Association for the Promotion of Public Welfare and a total of 26 professional volunteers from around the city echoed this call and showed their identity as “child rights protection volunteers”. All of us are volunteers for the protection of children’s rights, and if there are children around us who are in trouble or in danger, we will help in any way we can!



October 24, 2021

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