Probono for Talent Vitalization-2021PBW in Beijing

By Beijing Pro Bono Foundation

[2021 Global ProBono Week 10 Years Celebration] Beijing main venue is buoyant starting! PROBONO FOR TALENT VITALIZATION — ProBono iWill


“Success is achieved by talent, career is broadened by talent”,since its introduction to China in 2012 by Beijing Huizeren Volunteer Development Center, Pro Bono Week (PBW) has gathered 100+ expert volunteers, developed 50+ professional volunteering courses, incubated 500+ professional volunteering teams, cultivated 1000+ professional volunteering leaders, designed thousands of professional volunteering projects, forged a set of professional volunteering system with Chinese characteristics, and given birth to the Beijing ProBono Foundation which takes professional volunteer service as its mission and has taken over the localized research of professional volunteering in China since then, made China’s voice heard to the world, shared China’s solutions with global partners, set off a wave of change in the professional development of volunteering in China, it has been leading a high quality development of “the core of volunteerism” for 10 years and is ready for the future!


October 24th,2021, fellows from all over the country actively participated in this PBW event with a combination of online + offline, under the theme of “ProBono for Talent Vitalization”, focusing on promoting the mobility and revitalization of urban and rural talents through professional volunteerism, with the goal of achieving new knowledge and co-creation, to celebrate the 10th year anniversary ceremony of Global Pro Bono Week together!


Under the auspices of Huang,Ti, a professional volunteer and the initiator of the Beijing ProBono Foundation’s Community Blue People Special Fund, PBW’s 10-year celebration was officially kicked off. A video by Zhu,Shengyi, the Public Service Communication Officer of 2021 Global Pro Bono Week, was simultaneously played in several areas along Beijing subway line, including Zhongguancun Station, Xizhimen Station and Xidan Station, which run from north to south and carry a perfect combination of traditional and modern elements.

Zhai,Yan, the chairman of Beijing ProBono Fundation and the founder of Beijing Huizeren Volunteer Development Center, extended her sincere greetings to all the online and offline guests and professional volunteer representatives.  After reviewing the 10-year history of PBW, Robin Zhai shared the most cutting-edge theories and trends of volunteerism development in China and abroad, which was to call on more professionals to actively participate in rural revitalization and promote the integration of urban and rural talents through volunteerism, bring clout to the countryside and precipitate more quality retention.

Tang,Min, the Counselor of the State Council and the Vice President of YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, Zhang, Qingzhi, the President of Beijing Federation of Social Psychological Work, Peng,Yan, the International Director of Global Pro Bono Network, and Jiang,Yuqin, the founder of Beijing Yingfei Education Technology Co.,Ltd., they all wished PBW a great success in 2021 in advance, highly praised the achievements of professional volunteer service development in China and expressed their confidence in its high-quality development prospects in the future.

Ling,Hui, the Secretary General of YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation and the Vice President of Beijing ProBono Foundation, released the “iWill Volunteer Joint Plan of Action for Rural Revitalization Volunteers” and officially launched the iWill Volunteer Joint Plan of Action. Two special funds participated in the joint action: “Shuang’ao Volunteer Service Special Fund” initiated by Zhang,Lei, the founder of Beijing Meitian Times Culture Development Co., Ltd., and two professional volunteers, Zhang,Ruimin and Zhao,Junjie; and “Houlang Qixing Special Fund” initiated by Beijing Yingfei Education Technology Co.,Ltd.,, were also inaugurated and launched at the same time. Four youth volunteer representatives shared their experience in rural volunteering, and professional volunteering was inherited and carried forward among the youth.

Fan Qin, CEO of Shengu Consult Service shared her professional expertise as an Internet person in a light-hearted, innovative and unique way on how to drive professional volunteers to participate in rural services, and released the “Rural Revitalization Volunteer Service Case Collection (2021)” commissioned by The National Administration for Rural Revitalization to the Beijing ProBono Foundation. The sense of contemporaneity and effectiveness of professional volunteer services was live performed by her.

Volunteer organizations across the country shared their local PBW week activities in videos, bringing the celebration to a small climax. It also sparked a lively discussion on “ProBonoer Talk” among the attendees.

Zhang,Shaoping, the Vice President and Director General of the Corporate Citizenship Committee of the China Association of Social Workers, presented the first Round Table topic about “How can the new movement to the countryside promote the mobility of professional volunteers and urban-rural integration? ” Zhao,Jun, the Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs of Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, Professor Hu,Xianzhi of the Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C. (National Academy of Governance), Professor Gou,Tianlai of Beijing University of Agricultural, Secretary General Ge,Ning of Consultation Centre of Farmers’ Association, and Secretary General Xu,Sa of Blueprint Innovation Studio of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications shared and empowered each other from several aspects, such as corporate employees’ volunteer service, agricultural science and technology talents training in universities, rural green development research, social organizations’ contribution to rural revitalization and scientific and technological talents going to the countryside.

Prof. Zhu,Xiaohong from North China Electric Power University shared her views on “How do professional volunteers participate in rural revitalization?” The story sharing of the guest representatives on the front line of rural service was started. Liu,Wei, Director of Urban Renewal Design Institute of Tsinghua University Planning and Design Institute, Wang,Lei, Founder of Nature Knight, Li,Feng, Director of Green Boat Emergency Rescue, and Yang,Fan, Project Officer of Rural Industry and Talent Development Center of YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, talked about the journey and solutions of volunteers on the road of rural revitalization with the business scope of their respective organizations, and agreed that only joint actions can exert a stronger collective influence.


Finally, Associate Professor Dong,Qiang of China Agricultural University fully summarized the sparks collided in this dialogue and action plans, and reiterated that professional volunteerism is promising, available and enjoyable for everyone in rural revitalization. He expressed the hope that iWill volunteer joint action can open up a good road, set a good example and lead the good way for the community to participate in rural revitalization!


In the afternoon, the “Ericsson Digital Lab”, “Youth Computational Thinking/Linguistic Assessment Workshop” and “Growth Academy – Strengths Assessment + Future Possibilities” professional volunteering service demonstration and the online Internet-assisted rural revitalization forum and psychosocial rescue forum (online + offline) echoed each other.That is, while summarizing and discussing the experience and challenges of professional volunteering, the seeds of professional volunteering will be planted in the hearts of young people, the talent revitalization strategy shall be deepened and lengthened, and the joint action shall be made real and strong!

Pro Bono I will !  PBW we will see you next year for volunteering!2021PBW-Probono  iWill 插图2黄悌 插图3朱圣祎 插图4 翟雁 插图5汤敏1 插图6张青之 插图7 彭艳1 插图8姜玉芹 插图9零慧2 插图10张蕾1 插图11夏爽 插图12青少年代表1 插图13专项基金授牌仪式 插图14范秦 插图15 圆桌对话1 插图16圆桌对话2 插图17董强 插图18


October 24, 2021

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