Speed Dating

By C@rma

Within the Baker & McKenzie lawfirm in Istanbul, 4 NGOS will have 4 specific projects requiring professional skills.
Individuals professionals are free to join each one of the sessions with a limit of 10 by sessions. We are making sure that the needed skills are present.
They will then all work together during 3-4h on the problem of the NGO (often a “how to”), identify next steps, people who can help them and deadline.

The expected impact of the event are :
1. Give the opportunity for 4 NGOs to have one of their problem solved
2. Give the opportunity to around 40 professionals to test by themselves what is Pro Bono in a convenient, easy and fast way
3. Build awareness around Pro Bono by tweeting about the event
(40*3hours minimum => 120 hours expected)

October 26, 2015
Istanbul, Turquie

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