CommuniHelp is an algorithm powered volunteer matching platform (mobile app and web-based) to match professionals seeking pro-bono opportunities with social good organizations looking for skilled volunteers to help them achieve their goals and maximize their social impact.

We leverage matching technology in order to enable both volunteers and social good organizations to ‘find the right fit’. With the right fit, young professionals are able to contribute to their communities through the skills they already possess, in the location and time that works best for them, all while having a meaningful social impact and gaining additional skills, experience and network to build their careers.

Using our platform, social good organizations can scope out the roles that they need, while our matching algorithm speedily connects them with the right fit volunteer. Social good organizations are then able to better retain volunteers because the they are the ideal fit for the role. By providing these social good organizations with access to skills in areas like sophisticated marketing, analytics, technology etc. we can accelerate social change while providing young professionals with meaningful pro-bono opportunities.

CommuniHelp is envisioned as a full-suite hub for volunteer recruitment and experiences. We are unique compared to our competitors in four ways:

  1. Matching Algorithm – We match based on skillsets, interests, and commitment compatibility. Our algorithm will get smarter over time as we scale and understand our users’ behaviour. This is how we offer “fit” through the use of technology. We will also analyze trends and offer in-app incentives to further improve the suggested matches and overall experience
  2. Best User Experience – We offer the most intuitive product experience developed by several rounds of user testing and iteration. The product has high potential for mass scalability for the volunteer and employee engagement sector
  3. Dedicated Marketplace and Tools – Our goal is to build an intuitive recruitment platform and dedicated marketplace for skill-based volunteering with built-in functionality that further facilitates and encourages skill volunteering (e.g. remote volunteering tools)
  4. Custom Skills Development – We plan to grow our professional user base and leverage our matching algorithm to incentivize partnerships with post-secondary education institutions.

CommuniHelp is located in Toronto, Canada. We will be launching our platform in 2019. Sign up at to receive news and updates on our launch Online Pharmacy, buy sildalis,Free shipping, buy cialis black 800mg, Discount 10%

Founded in 2017

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